Request for funding or the companies to absorb some of the 133 students Engineering student to complete their Practical training 2 .

To whom it may concern
As students from different Universities of Technology across the country, we are currently facing a
serious problem with the old National Diploma syllabus phasing out and a new syllabus being
implemented already. After completing our S4 modules at our institutions we have to do In-Service
training, which is compulsory in order to obtain your National Diploma qualification. In short, in￾service training is work integrated learning and gives us exposure to the real life industry. This
training is divided into two modules P1 and P2 and each module takes a duration of 6 month’s. Many
students struggle to get this training from companies. Only a few companies are able to train over
100 students at a time and one of those companies being Resolution Circle PTY (Ltd) in
Doornfontein, Johannesburg. The company is currently training 130 of Us P1 students, both
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Students. Due to lack of funding the company can only take
few of these students to the next level of training which is P2 and will be funding them out of their
own capacity , as a result the remaining one’s will be left without any training and will no longer be
able to complete their next level of training i.e. P2 and be able to graduate or even have a chance to
study BTech as is phasing out.
We plead with anyone who can with any little thing they can do to help fund us to continue with P2
at Resolution Circle (PTY) Ltd. Any sponsorship would be of great help to fund us through the above￾mentioned company so we can complete the training, graduate to become the engineers of
tomorrow that this country of ours need.
All the contact details have been clearly stated below for any queries by anyone interested.
Trainee Engineering Students from South African Universities Of Technology.