It is said education is the key to dispel unemployment myths

In fact, it’s pretty easy to see that education isn’t the answer to solving the unemployment problem if you make one key assumption: the unemployment problem is cyclical, not structural. This means that those unemployed today will eventually be able to find jobs in the respective industries, relying on their current skill sets. If the problem was structural, then specific dead industries segments would be responsible for the high unemployment problem, and those workers would need to develop other skills to find new work.

Today we have graduates in position of Degrees , Students who need inservice training prior the completion of their qualifications but it seems like there is an unemployment boundaries that hinders all dreams to come true .

Some students can’t even graduate because companies do not want to offer them training as part of their WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING , Academic institutions have limited resources to offer proper training and to accomodate all students from different respective faculties

This webpage is to help share different opportunities that may help to combat this propaganda and dispel the unemployment mythology  that the youth is facing today



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